JUKEBOX CASTLE & SEVEN DEADLY SINS would not be possible without YOU!

Help us reach one of our fundraising goals through our INDIEGOGO Campiagn!  

SEVEN DEADLY SINS is an important and ambitious project for New Orleans and for the arts.  With your help we will share the food, music, dance, drink, visual arts of New Orleans with our community & beyond!

JUKEBOX CASTLE functions through the 501(c)3 organization HORIZON MUSIC GROUP to ensure that all donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  


Future plans for JUKEBOX CASTLE include:

  • A slew of incredible and innovative new productions!
  • Creating The Castle Creative, a collective of young artists (culinary artist, vocalist, instrumentalist, dancer, mixologist, visual artists, etc.) who will be paired with the innovative professionals to help craft their art.  
  • Establishing the organization as an important hub for creating important New Orleans art.


  • Jo-Ann Adams
  • Matt & Cecil Peters
  • Tim Laughlin
  • Daniel Camacho